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How we work in partnership with our employers.

Our Approach

Now that you’re paying the levy you will want to achieve the best possible return on this investment in skills and training. As a successful & nationally recognised training provider in the sector, we understand your need to work with a partner who has a passion for apprenticeships, establishes a strong cultural fit and tailors the training to meet your organisation's needs.

We will work in partnership with you to design and implement a successful apprentice training programme through the following steps:

Initial Consultation

We will meet with you in order to fully understand your organisations culture, values and strategic goals.

Your assigned account manager will be an expert who will work with you to design a bespoke programme of learning that develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours of your people and puts your brand, values and vision at the centre of the programme ensuring that training is up to date and current.

We will also carry out assessments with the potential apprentice to ensure they are a good fit for the programme and we take into account any additional learning support.


From programme introduction through to the ongoing training and development of your people we will provide regular updates, reviews, reporting and support. We will operate in an honest, reliable, collaborative and professional manner throughout.

We are happy to provide more details on the apprenticeship or discuss your specific requirements. Please send a request below so we can assist.

Why choose RESOLVE Apprenticeship?

We have over 26 years experience in delivering high quality training and consultancy in the ASB & Community Safety sector and are;

  • Focused on understanding your business and designing programmes that fit your requirement.
  • Specialists in our subject areas. We employ tutors who have extensive experience and in-depth sector knowledge in their area of delivery.
  • Committed to developing learners not just to meet the required knowledge, skills & behaviours but to give them the confidence & ambition to flourish.

We will also carry out assessments with the potential apprentice to ensure they are a good fit for the programme and we take into account any additional learning support.

The Apprenticeship Levy

Introduced in April 2017 by the UK Government, the apprenticeship levy means that all organisations with a wage bill of more than £3 million will have to invest in apprenticeships. Employers that meet this criterion are now required to pay 0.5% of their payroll each month as a levy tax. This levy can then be reinvested back into their workforce in the form of Apprenticeship training. The aim of the levy is to encourage apprenticeship recruitment and to improve training and existing skills within workforces. Apprenticeship training is through a recognised & approved Government training provider.

Employers with a wage bill less than £3 million will not be subject to the Apprenticeship Levy. However, these organisations will be able to access funding for up to 10 employees with the government contributing 95% towards the cost of Apprenticeship training.

Why should I use the Levy?

Reducing skills gaps - Vocational schemes are an excellent way to create a skilled, productive and invested workforce. This leads to business growth and better performance.
A vocational education is important for young people because it can be extremely effective at bridging the gap between school and the workplace, which more traditional academic paths may fail to do.

Standardised quality content - Content offered by apprenticeship schemes is well-thought-out, structured and organised, ensuring learners and employers benefit in a practical way that leads to advantages for both. All apprenticeship standards are employer-led, meaning real companies have had input into forming the course content

Focused employees - By investing in apprenticeships, employers will benefit from productive and engaged employees.

Building confidence in learners - Apprenticeships will help learners become more confident, motivated and of course, more qualified.
There are many debates around academic versus vocational education, too. But there’s no reason why the two cannot work together. Businesses, schools and universities could work more closely to link education with work and promote careers that don’t rely solely on a degree to succeed.

Upskill My Employees

You can also use the levy to up-skill your current workforce. Upskilling existing staff is an often-overlooked way to utilise a ready-made pool of talent, who already have industry insight and company knowledge. Apprenticeships offer the perfect way to increase professional development and fast-track career progression too.

Need more information about apprenticeships for your company?

We are happy to provide more details on the apprenticeship or discuss your specific requirements.  You can also register your interest in our upcoming training programmes.

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Need more information about apprenticeships for your company?

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