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Statement of Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent

At Resolve, our intent is to provide a balanced, relevant and up-to-date curriculum that provides challenge for and is accessible to a range of learners with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and abilities, including those requiring additional learning support. Curriculum encompasses more than what is taught in the classroom; we are highly ambitious for our learners and offer a curriculum that not only ensures the relevant knowledge, skills & behaviours, but develops their confidence, employability skills and encourages them to be independent, reflective, and achieve positive onward destinations.

Examples of how we will achieve this:

  • Sequencing to develop knowledge and concepts coherently & building upon prior knowledge
  • Embedding core skills including oracy, literacy, numeracy and essential digital skills
  • Embedding employability skills
  • Core themes such as PREVENT, safeguarding, Fundamental British Values, well-being, mental and physical health, sustainability etc. embedded to enrich learners’ understanding and lives
  • Sessions which are enjoyable, enriching, and which inspire and nurture
  • Ensuring inclusion, including ambition and challenge for all
  • Sessions which are knowledge-rich, broad and which stretch and challenge
  • Embedding equality and professionalism into sessions
  • Providing of tools to ensure employment opportunities are known about and easily accessible
  • Delivering high standards and challenging learning environments
  • Creating a caring and supportive environment
  • Fostering study habits and self-reliance