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Quality Assurance Policy

Resolve aims to provide the best quality and value teaching, learning and assessment which is delivered by specialist trainers and consultants. We strive to meet the needs of individuals and employers and will work in partnership to enhance the quality of staff development.

Resolve is committed to providing high quality, reflective evaluation of learning, teaching and assessment to enhance the learning experience. There will be rigorous Internal Quality Assurance to ensure all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment meet the highest standards and are compliant with awarding organisation requirements, where applicable.

Quality assurance is fundamental to Resolve and is embedded in all of our teaching and learning processes, programmes and services. It guarantees the integrity and value of our teaching, learning and assessment. We ensure that quality is embedded in the design and delivery of our qualifications and programmes, and work with our learners and employers to ensure this.

This policy refers to an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) as those responsible for quality within a qualification

Quality Assurance Strategy

Resolve is committed to the following:

  • To hold Quality Meetings regularly for standardisation and development of best practice in teaching, learning and assessment which all relevant staff are expected to attend
  • Ensuring occupational competency and expert knowledge of all teaching and quality assurance staff
  • Ensuring valid, reliable and authentic assessment of learning and progress throughout the programme
  • Strict adherence to the awarding organisation policies and procedures.
  • Observations of staff members on a yearly cycle, with all training and assessing staff members receiving a minimum of two observations per year.
  • Action plans and support will be in place for any staff members identified as ‘requiring improvement’s
  • All observations will be documented and moderated.
  • All Resolve staff members will receive access to regular, continuous professional development (CPD) and shall be encouraged to undertake reflective practice.
  • Learner & employer feedback will be regularly obtained and analysed and improvements shall be highlighted and implemented across the organisation, where required.
  • All documents relating to IQA activities will be held securely, in line with Data Protection and confidentiality requirements. Access will be granted to all relevant awarding organisations to any assessment documents and related materials.

Strategic analysis of quality

As part of the annual quality review all external moderator reports, achievement rates, learner, employer & teacher surveys will be reviewed and summarised by the directors to inform planning and the Quality Improvement Plan.

The Quality Improvement Plan is designed to improve teaching, learning and assessment, meet changing demands for employers, qualification changes and updates and maximise opportunities for further business growth.

Internal Quality Assurance

The role and support from the IQA is of paramount importance to the overall success, achievement and positive outcomes for the learning journey.

The Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) will :

  • Coordinate the monitoring, review and evaluation of the quality of the delivery of teaching and learning throughout the business.
  • Coordinate the Self-Assessment Reporting (SAR) process including the production of Self-Assessment Reports and of action plans.
  • Support and develop trainers and/or assessors
  • Monitor and improve the quality of teaching, learning & assessment practice
  • Apply policies, procedures and legislation to meet external and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure all staff have an awareness of company policies including Safeguarding, Prevent, Health & safety, Complaints and Equality & Diversity policies
  • Ensure that all internal and external Audit recommendations are addressed.